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Ebbco® EDM Filtration System


Ebbco® Wire EDM Filtration
Ebbco manufactures auxiliary filtration system for all Wire EDM machines. These units are designed to either eliminate or prefilter the OEM Filter Cartridges. Optional DI Resin Vessels or Bottles are Available. Click for pdf.


Ebbco® Conventional EDM Filtration
Ebbco Auxiliary Filtration Systems for Conventional EDM Machines are designed to filter either the machines dielectric tank or the machines work tank depending on the process. By utilizing a pleated paper cartridge the Conventional EDM System provides proper flow while achieving optimum filter life. Click for pdf.


Ebbco® Hurricane Cartridges and Consumables
Ebbco offers replacement Hurricane Filter cartridges in various Micron sizes. All Ebbco Polyester hurricane cartridges are cleanable and reusable. A full line of replacement OEM Filters to fit most EDM Machines are available. Click for pdf.

Hole Driller

Ebbco® Hole Driller Filtration
Ebbco manufactures complete dielectric filtration system for EDM Hole Driller Machines. These unit are available for DI water and Non-Di Water Applications. Click for pdf.

Ebbco® Waterjet Filtration System


Ebbco® Closed Loop Filtration (CLS®)
The Ebbco® Closed Loop Filtration System is designed to capture and filter the waterjet table overflow water, eliminating any water going to drain. This system can service single or dual cutting heads on any waterjet table. Click for pdf.


Ebbco® Abrasive Removal for (GRS®)
The Ebbco® Abrasive Removal System is designed to continuously remove exhausted abrasive that collects in the Waterjet catch tank, thus eliminating downtime for cleanout and maximizing production. The Abrasive Removal System can be adapted to any Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Machine. Click for pdf.


Ebbco® Chillers for Waterjet Cutting
Ebbco chillers are designed to cool the Hydraulics on the OEM’s high pressure pumps as well as the cutting water in the Ebbco Closed Loop Filtration system, This provides cooled, DI treated water to the high pressure pump and will maximize your pumps seal life. Click for pdf.


Ebbco® Closed Loop Consumables
A Full line of Ebbco Waterjet Filtration Systems consumables are available to maintain the Closed Loop Filtration, Abrasive Removal and Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems. Click for pdf.

Reverse Osmosis

Ebbco® Reverse Osmosis System
The Ebbco® Reverse Osmosis system is used to lower the operating costs of the Ebbco® Closed Loop System in applications where make-up water quality is greater than 250 ppm total dissolved solids. Click for pdf.


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